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Necessary food safety certificates to work with us

The authorities in Germany require the Initial instruction for professional food handling according §43 to run or work in a business handling food. 

You can obtain this certificate directly by the local authorities. Many cities even offer this certification online and in many languages, for example: 

To work as a private cook and run your own business with Joy and Meal, the German authorities require another food safety certificate, the §4 LMHV, which regulates the production, storage, processing and preparations of all foodstuffs.

As a reference, you can find the content of this training here:

With Joy and Meal you can do the §4LMHV training and obtain the certificate in an online format, in English or German. You will need 3-4h in total to complete this training, do the exam and get your certificate, and the cost is 69€, incl. VAT. 

Disclaimer: we do not give any legal advice. Contact your local authorities for detailed information.

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No. If your profile and motivation matches our values and focus, you will be invited to join the pool of talented cooks and work with us. You can of course have other jobs, run your own catering business etc…, and don’t need to work with us if you have bought the food safety training from us. 

At Joy and Meal we do exclusively on-site cooking services, either in-home private cooking or we host cooking classes. 

If you want to sell food (e.g.: delivery or pick-up business) please contact your local authorities and ask them for information.

The Erstbelehrung needs to be renewed according to the local authorities (usually: every 2 years for employees of gastronomy business). 

If you are a business owner, you only need to complete the §4LMHV once


*Disclaimer: we do not give any legal advice. Ask your local food safety authorities for detailed information*