Pozole is a traditional pre-Hispanic dish from Mexico whose main ingredient is hominy corn. This dish is very traditional for all Mexican festivals.


  • Vegetarian with mushrooms
  • With chicken
  • With shrimps
  • With Pork

Topping with corn tostadas, iceberg lettuce, radishes, onion and oregano and lemon, optional hot sauce.


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Did you know that Pozole contains all the nutrients needed for a balanced meal?

This pre-Hispanic dish was prepared in honor of the god Xipe-Tótec.  Its name comes from Nahuatl, which means foam, today the most famous recipes are those of red, white and green pozole!

A dish with pre-Hispanic roots, nutritious and one of the most representative of Mexico’s gastronomic culture, pozole is nowadays indispensable on the national holidays!