Provide nourishing home-made meals for your family every day
Without all the hassle of cooking yourself
Provide nourishing home-made meals for your family every day
Without all the hassle of cooking yourself

You want to give your family the best but the day has only 24h.

Free yourself from the stress of cooking (and planning, and shopping, and cleaning!)

Because every family and every household is different, our meal prep cooking services accommodate your needs!

Flexible and affordable meal prep & batch cooking services

Browse the catalog and find the hobby cook or professional chef that best adapts to your needs and your budget. Or request a personalized recommendation for you!

Select your meals from the cook´s catalog or bring in your own ideas (e.g.:share one foodblog link). 

Share your preferences: size of portions, spiciness, gluten-free variant, veggie instead of meat variant…

Choose the size that adapts best to your needs and customize it!

Custom Meal prep: as many meals and servings as you want!

Meal prep S (3 different meals, 3 servings each, approx. 2-2,5h of cooking)

Meal prep M (4 different meals, 4 servings each, approx. 3-3,5h of cooking)

Meal prep L (5 different meals, 5 servings each, approx. 4-4,5h of cooking)


You can select one of three options: 

  • Your cook brings all ingredients 
  • You provide all ingredients 
  • Mix-modus: you provide some ingredients (e.g.: olive oil, flour, carrots, potatoes…) and your cook will bring only what is missing.

All meals will be freshly cooked in your kitchen, with your equipment and utensils, exactly to your liking! The cleaning of used utensils and surfaces by the cook after the preparation of the meal is normally included in the fees. 


Transparent and fair pricing is very important for us. This is how your price quote is composed:

Your cook's hourly rate:
The hourly rate depends on their experience level. We place a high value on fair payment.
The cost of ingredients:
Basically the same cost as if you buy them in the supermarket
You can choose whether your cook brings all ingredients, you provide them all, or your cook uses some of the ingredients you already have at home. You can as well decide the quality of ingredients provided: organic, standard, lower or higher price range...
Transport fee:
€0,35/km or public transportation cost
This fee depends on the cook's travelling distance to your location. Our matching algorithm will find the nearest cook suitable for needs!
Transaction fee:
15% of the order value
For your smooth and convenient experience. This fee covers the transaction costs of the payment provider, the insurance coverage for your cooking service and all other processes of the Joy and Meal platform.   

It is affordable! Check some references:

Rest assured, you'll be giving your family the best home made meals.
The ones you choose.


  1. Create your own menu or share the details of your request with us for a personalized recommendation (2min). Use the “BOOK A COOK” buttons.
  2. You will receive a price estimation for your cooking service within a few hours.
  3. If you like the proposal, we will arrange further details for a seamless matching and cooking service! (2-3min)
  4. And that’s it! You enjoy then great, tasty&nutririous meals with your favourite cook! 
  5. Still need help? Talk to us using the chat on the bottom left corner. We are happy to help!

Of course! You can directly choose your cook and select the meals that you like from his/her catalog, or suggest him/her your own recipes!

Sure! You can either choose your cook and your meals, or quickly share your preferences with us and you will receive personalized cook&menu recommendations from Joy and Meal. Click here to get your personalized recommendation

Usually, 72h is the minimum notice period for your booking.

It is your choice!

There are three possibilities, which will be arranged during the booking&matching process:

  1. By default, your cook will  bring all the ingredients needed, and they will be included in the price of your booking.
  2. If you want to you can supply all ingredients.
  3. Mixed modus: based on the shopping list, we agree on which ingredients you already have at home, and which should the cook bring (e.g.: very special ingredients like exotic spices). This option is the perfect one to reduce foodwaste to zero!

Sure! You can customize the number of servings in your cooking service. Our batch cooking / meal prep services are especially designed for that: the cooks prepare several recipes and multiple servings for you, for several days or even an entire week! 

That is not a problem! We will arrange this during the booking process and your cook will adapt the recipe to your needs!

In your first booking, we will ask you to provide information about your kitchen equipment, so that the cook knows in advance whether you have everything you need at home or he/she needs to bring some utensils along. We will match your customer profile with the necessary kitchen equipment for the meals everytime you book a new cooking service!

Normally, the cleaning of used utensils and surfaces by the cook after the preparation of the meal is included. Your cook might do in-depth cleaning too for an increased fee. We’ll clarify this during the booking process. 

Please make sure your kitchen is ready to cook. It does not have to be perfectly “picobello” but your cook will definitely appreciate a tidy and clean space to work!

That depends on the ordered menu, and we’ll provide you a pretty accurate estimation of the cooking time. But please consider that there can be a 10-20% variance in time, as cooking times are highly dependent on the equipment available and your kitchen characteristics.

Normally, the cook is responsible for cooking the meals and the host/customer is responsible for serving the meals. If you have a special wish, let us know when placing your request. The cooking services are highly flexible!

Every cooking service booked at the Joy and Meal platform includes insurance coverage, for both material and personal damages with Nürnberger Versicherungen!

Joy and Meal operates only with cooks that have completed the necessary food hygiene certificates required to work as a private cook in Germany. We select all cooks carefully so that you can just relax and enjoy your meal! 

We place a high value on the wellbeing of customers and cooks. Therefore, the current Covid-19 rules in your city also apply to our services.

You can cancel your booking without charge 72 hours before your appointment. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information.

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