For companies

Enabling personal cooking services in home-office
is good for your employees, your company, and for the planet.

Let us tell you why:

For your employees

Gain time and peace of mind.
Have more work-life balance

  • Save up to 16h per week outsourcing the whole cooking process (planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and preserving)
  • Gain quality time for you and your family and reduce the mental load caused by household work.9
  • With meal-prep: in just a couple of hours your cook freshly prepares all your meals, to have them ready exactly when you need them. No more tantrums and hungry people waiting to be fed! 

We are what we eat. Enjoy tasty and nutritious personalized home made meals every day

  • Your menus are highly customizable according to your preferences and needs. You’ll get authentic and tasty home made meals, freshly cooked in your kitchen to your liking by skilled cooks.
  • You have a flexible choice of cooks, meals, servings, and options for you and your family!

For your company


Improve employee performance and retention

  • Managing job, family, friends, social life and oneself is oftentimes hard. Support your employees achieving more work-life balance and having a free mind to deliver their best performance every day!
  • Provide your employees with the best meal service. It is proven that a nutritious and balanced diet positively contributes to a good body and brain performance.1,2,8

Enhance your ESG effort and promote responsible consumption

  • All the meals are freshly prepared in the customer’s kitchen, cooked with the customer’s own equipment by affordable hobby cooks and professional chefs. No more vegetables that end up in the rubbish bin because of lack of time for cooking.3,4,5
  • Seasonal ingredients are used, and all types of meals and variations are available (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free). The cook brings only the needed ingredients for the meals, and can also use the supplies that the customer already has at home!
  • No more meals made for travelling, no more unnecessary packaging will be generated.

For the planet


Prevent food waste and unnecessary packaging

  • Food waste in households is mainly caused by our hectic lifestyles: our lack of cooking skills and bad meal planning. The cooks manage all this for you and help you reduce up to 80% of your weekly food waste.3,4 
  • Food waste is responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, whereby around 50% of this food waste is originated in households.5 The EU is committed to meeting the SDG Target 12.3 to halve per capita food waste at the retail and consumer level by 2030.3,4,6
  • All the meals are freshly prepared at the customer’s kitchen, cooked with the customer’s own equipment by affordable hobby cooks and professional chefs. The home-made meals can be eaten right away or kept in the fridge/freezer whenever needed, e.g. in reusable glass containers.

Create more welfare for everyone

  • We help the cooks comply with all requirements to work legally and transparently as private cooks. Fight with us the shadow economy!10
  • You’ll be promoting fairer remunerations and safe working contexts in the gastronomy sector.7
  • You’ll be part of a new way of social and cultural exchange. You can choose your favourite cooks among a large pool of professionals with very diverse backgrounds!

Do you want to bring to your company our
tasty and sustainable offering for your employees?
Let us answer all your questions directly.

We want to transform the way we consume food on a daily basis: we aim to make a better nutrition compatible with our hectic lifestyle, leveraging the human factor.

How? Making everyday private cooking
convenient and affordable!

Our aim for impact

  • Better nutrition and improved quality of life for customers (including less invisible mental load for the person responsible for the household)
  • Contribution to the reduction of the shadow economy in the food sector / household activities. We enable hobby cooks and also professional chefs to build their own cooking business and earn money completely legally and in a transparent way.
  • Less food waste due to better planning and preparation of food at home, and therefore in the long-term contributing to less carbon emissions. Households generate 47 million tons of food waste yearly in Europe, which is more than half of the total food waste each year!

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