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Joy and Meal is the all-in-one solution that enables you to start and run your own private cooking business!

Build up your own cooking business with Joy and Meal!

The easiest way to work as a private cook!

Get customer requests and choose your cooking services

Cook the meals on-site at the customer's place, in their kitchen

Easily receive your payment and feedback

Your advantages

Full support

on your way building up your own business. We show you what you need to start your business and give you valuable insights on how to improve your sales.

Insurance coverage

for all services booked via the Joy and Meal platform. So you can focus on your work with a free mind.

Be your own boss

and leave the administration with us. We make sure you have everything you need, so you can concentrate on what you love: cooking

You decide what to offer, your customers and your working times

Calculate your possible earnings with Joy and Meal

Requirements to join

We welcome both hobby cooks and professional chefs. The most important thing is that you are passionate about cooking, master a couple of great recipes and want to share your best recipes with your customers and like to work with people! The more authentic your cuisine style, the more your customers will appreciate it! For us:

  • Hobby cook is a person who does not have experience in Gastronomy but loves to cook and has been doing this for the family, friends, or even neighbours. 
  • Professional chef is someone with a formal training as a chef, who works or worked in gastronomy (restaurants or caterings) for many years and maybe even in high-class restaurants (e.g.: Hotel Kempinski in Munich). 

The two trainings required by the German authorities about food hygiene are easy. With Joy and Meal you can do both trainings online and learn the content at home at your own pace, in English or German. You will need 3-4h in total to complete both trainings, and the cost for both is less than 60€.

Starting your own small business in Germany is easy, if you know how! We help you with all the formalities here, including support from tax advisors. Two hints: 1) before you decide, you can earn 410€/year testing whether you like to work with us and your new customers. 2) In Germany you can earn up to 22.000€ a year without paying taxes with your business! We’ll inform you about all this during the onboarding process.

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Join the Joy and Meal platform and cook your best meals for many new customers!

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Request more information on becoming a cook


Please contact us via the contact form and we will share more information with you about the onboarding process and all required documents and formalities. It is very easy, we help you build and run your private cooking business! Click the “Request more info” button or “Apply to join” in your area!

Per default, the cook will bring all the ingredients needed to the customer’s place, but the customer can provide the ingredients if desired. The cooking services are highly flexible and we will arrange all this beforehand!

Normally, the cleaning of used utensils and surfaces by the cook after the preparation of the meal is included. We will clarify this in advance with the customer during the booking process!

Yes, every cooking service booked at the Joy and Meal platform includes insurance coverage, for both material and personal damages with Nürnberger Versicherungen

We place a high value on the wellbeing of customers and cooks. Therefore, the current Corona rules in your city also apply to your services.