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Some days ago we had the honour to be chosen by a team of the tech giant Amazon to host their team gathering in Munich. It was chef Álvaro’s turn, who put his creativity and skills to work to create a remarkable event for the group of 19 people, helped by his two kitchen assistants.

This Amazon team chose a highly versatile menu, mainly gluten-free and vegetarian, whith plenty of options also for the vegans in the group. 

During the 3h session, the team was very actively hands-on involved in the preparation of the dishes, and they could learn the new recipes and cooking tricks from Álvaro, before they sat and enjoyed a relaxing evening with the colleagues. This was the menu:

  • Vegan ceviche, with 3 different types of mushrooms, and a sweet potato püre. 100% cevice taste but without using any fish.
  • Colombian arepas with two types of corn flour and different fillings and toppings, like stracchino cheese, italian salsiccia, pico de gallos and guacamole🥑.
  • Arepas de choclo  or cachapas, which is a sweet variant of the arepas.
  • A latino sweet dessert, with a chocolate brownie filled with dulce de leche or arequipe, a caramelized milk which is a confection popular in Latin America.


Tricky question: Can  Universal Pictures and Joy and Meal have something in common? 🤯 Of course!

One of the Universal Studios theme parks is located in Singapore. And the Universal team in Munich enjoyed a fun cooking class with Wendy, our chef from Singapore just before Christmas 2023. 

This lovely team of 12 chose a cooking class with Wendy to gather and celebrate their Christmas party this year, which we hosted in a very funky and central location close to Munich Hauptbahnhof. The guests enjoyed an interactive cooking class, learning from Wendy and her assistant, and getting to know the tricks of these Singaporean recipes:
🥟 Pan-fried hand-folded dumplings with three different fillings, and self-made spicy dip. The fillings adapted perfectly to the needs of the guests:
— Vegetarian filling with chickpeas and tofu
— Meat filling with pork and prawns
— Meat filling with only pork for one participant with fish protein allergy.
🍛 Wendy’s colourful veggie curry with rice, which she prepared using seasonal vegetables, and showing how to create a super tasty and nourishing dish using any vegetables that you have in your fridge, that you can cook in advance and eat in a busy working day.
🍦 Mango sago: a chilled singaporean dessert with tapioca pearls, fresh mango and coconut sugar. What-a-dream!

There was time to cook, enjoy the food, the drinks, share presents, and simply enjoy the time together. We are very grateful for having such a group of active, friendly and joyful customers!

France’s tourism development agency, Atout France, is responsible for reinforcing the country’s position as an international destination. And two of their teams, Atout France Austria & Central Europe and Atout France Deutschland met for the first time in the Bavarian capital, after only 4 hours by train each. Halfway between  Vienna and Francfort, the international teams gathered for some intense days in Munich to foster their collaboration and communication, and after a stop at one of Munich’s famous Hofbräuhaus breweries, everyone’s cooking skills were put to the test.

In our team-building cooking experience, chef Aadil introduced them to a few secrets of the Indian cuisine. Aadil explained how to make samosas, and properly do the hand-folding. He shared his cooking recipes for butter chicken, in its traditional variant with meat, and in a vegetarian variant with tofu, which where served with Indian rice, and he shared his knowledge about Indian spices. Everyone was invited to join and work hands-on to prepare the dinner for the team. The evening concluded with not only one, but two!!! desserts by Akofa: a home-made tiramisu and a chocolate and almond cake with orange and Campari sorbet. 

If you want to create such a shared experience for your team, reach out at We’ll organize a fun cooking class for you, in Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt!

It was an eventful & meaningful Friday when 27 employees from CHECK24 came after work together to attend a cooking class with Joy and Meal in Munich.

CHECK24 is Germany’s largest comparison platform with over 15 million loyal customers. And we were more than delightful to be engaged for this interactive and fun team building event!

On this special evening we had two chefs, Wendy & Shelley, each leading a group on the cooking-together session: the veggie and the non-veggie group.

Joy and Meal was here to convey a strong message: good & nutritious food does not mean it has to be fanciful and complicated in preparations. Even by using daily pantry ingredients, we could turn simple ingredients into restaurant quality dishes that one can replicate daily in their own kitchen!

Let’s get a glimpse of the courses:

Shelley’s team:
🥟🦐 Chicken, shrimps & chives pan fried dumplings, wonton in vegetables soup (gluten-free variant included!)
🍗 Filipino chicken adobo with rice, also gluten-free and lactose-free.

Wendy’s team:
🥟🥬 Veggie pan fried dumplings & wontons in vegetable soup, nuts-free.
🍛 Vegetarian curry with rice (gluten-free and lactose-free) 
🥭 Sweet treat for all: Chia seed coconut milk pudding, topped with coconut palm sugar and chopped mangoes (lactose-free and gluten-free).

In the intense yet fun 4 hours at the cooking studio, the participants got their hands-on sessions in folding dumplings in different fillings & shapes, and ways of cooking them.

With few staple ingredients & straight forward cooking, they learnt from Shelley on how to marinate & cooked the most renowned National dish of Philippines!

As for Wendy, the participants were encouraged to practise mindfulness in home cooking. A way in cutting food waste will be using loose random vegetables & turn them into a beautiful curry. Wendy illustrated on how home made basic curry paste could be achieved with few spices & aromatics too.

By looking at the happy faces of participants enjoying in what they have made, we truly believe a recipe is a story that ends with a good meal!

Aadil is an experienced chef that has cooked for the Prime Ministers and relevant international personalities. And last week in Munich, he cooked for a team of the iconic bavarian company BMW 🤩.

For their Christmas celebration, this small team chose an interactive and fun activity: a cooking class! Aadil hosted this session in the cozy cooking studio Anderswo in Munich Westend. They chose a multi-cultural menu, tailored to the needs and eating preferences of the group:

– Hand-folded vegetarian samosas, the well-known Indian appetizer, with home-made Indian chutneys
-For the meat-eaters: Lamb chops with roasted Middle-East style vegetables
-For the vegetarians: veggie kofta with roasted Middle-East style vegetables.
– A home-made mango cream, in its incredibly tasty and fluffy vegan variant, as it was required by one participant.

Thank you so much to all participants for the active engagement and for trusting on Joy and Meal for their team event!

This is a team-building event that took place shortly before Christmas 2023. The client, a female department head in Cariad, decided to hire a private chef via Joy and Meal and host the year-end Christmas party with an activity that would allow them to talk, interact and have fun.

CARIAD is the automotive software company within the Volkswagen Group. It builds a unified technology and vehicles software platform for all of Volkswagen Group’s brands which bundles and further expands the Group’s software competencies.

Despite the winter chill outside, the warmth inside turned this gathering into a cozy haven for the group of 14 engineers. The session kickstarted over a piping hot festive Glühwein (mulled wine) bundled with some starters prepared by Wendy, who was the appointed private chef and was delighted to craft a delicious dinner together with the team.

The highlight for the all-male engineering team was a hands-on dumplings or gyoza folding session, creating not just delicious dumplings but also fostering interactive sessions and strong bonds among colleagues. The aroma of delectable wontons soup, the crispy pan-fried dumplings plus a dessert of Chia seed pudding infused with coconut palm sugar, gluten-free and vegetarian, topped with fresh mango just made the cold weather feel like a distant memory!!

The relaxed and open atmosphere added the perfect flavor to the festive fun. Embracing the spirit of togetherness, they turned a chilly night into a heartwarming celebration filled with laughter, good vibes, successful team building bundled with more memorable moments!

Like this idea for your next corporate team building? You don’t need to wait for Christmas to host it 😉 Contact us for more info on a cooking class for your team!

A well-know company in the market research industry, GKL Marketing-Marktforschung, decided to host their Christmas party last december with an interactive and fun  cooking experience guided by Mexican chef Lissete.

They requested a menu suitable for their whole team, which included vegetarian dishes, meat dishes, all gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

So chef Liss guided them through the preparation of this fantastic mexican menu, including making the tortillas themselves, from scratch. The menu of the evening was full of mexican flavours:

🌵Ensalada de nopales (Mexican cactus salad): gluten-free & dairy-free
🌮Authentic mexican tacos no.1: Tacos nayarit, with a beef filling, cabbage, coriander, onion, and a spicy green sauce: gluten-free & dairy-free.
🌮Authentic mexican tacos no.2: vegetarian filling Champiñones a la mexicana (Mushrooms with tomatoes, onion and green chilli). Gluten-free & dairy-free.
🥧Dessert: Calabaza a la tacha (candied pumpkin dessert). Gluten-free & dairy-free.

And the highlight of the evening:
🪅 Mexican Christmas piñata filled with Mexican sweets, which is a very typical custom in Mexico for the Christmas time.

After the party is before the party 😁🥳
This was Akofa’s private cooking dinner in December for the Modelwise, a Munich startup with an AI software to automate safety engineering, who chose Joy and Meal  in 2022 and again in 2023 for their corporate christmas gathering. They tried a new type of cuisine and tasted Akofa’s delectable dishes from the togolese cuisine:

– Vegetarian sweet potato patties with Nougbagba (a traditional togolese tomato sauce) and vegan toppings. –> We know these were the highlight of the evening! 😋😋
-Assin dési, a spicy togolese peanut stew/sauce with crunchy vegetables with a modern touch: Moehrengruen’s Hackallerlei balls, with freshly cooked rice
-A dessert for the sweet tooth: sweet dègue (millet couscous) with cream and berries.

This young team hosted the event in their own facilities, and Akofa brought everything necessary to provide them with tasty vegetarian food for their dinner, from ingredients to the equipment.


If you are planning your next casual corporate event, we’re happy to organize such a delectable and fun cooking event for you!

Feeling like enjoying great food?