Meals for every day prepared in your kitchen from 8€ per serving

You can book now in Munich! Frankfurt is coming soon.

Overview of our meal options

Hobby cook / Pro cook
1.5 – 2 hr. cooking
2 different main dishes
5 servings of each dish
Price per serving: 12€
Hobby cook / Pro cook
2 – 2.5 hr. cooking
3 different main dishes
5 servings of each dish
Price per serving: 9€
Hobby cook / Pro cook
2.5 – 3 hr. cooking
4-5 different main dishes
5-6 servings of each dish
Price per serving: 8€
Hobby cook / Pro cook

You decide on the:
– cooking style
– number of servings
– number of dishes

We send you an individual proposal.
Hobby cook / Pro cook
Birthday party / Barbecue / Dinner party / Other events

You decide on the:
– cooking style
– number of courses

We send you an individual proposal.
Hobby cook / Pro cook
Daily lunch / Team event / Barbecue / Other events

You decide on the:
– cooking style
– number of courses

We send you an individual proposal.

How it works

So you can enjoy your time, our cooks will take care of the meal planning, shopping, preparation, cooking and cleaning.

They will freshly prepare your meals in your kitchen.

A small selection of dishes for you

Meet the Joy and Meal cooks

Did you know?

You can deduct up to 4000€ per year from your taxes with your cooking services at home!
Check the details here

Your benefits

Affordable cooking services at home

Authentic recipes prepared to your liking, at your place. Starting from 8€ per serving

On-demand booking

Flexible booking of your cooks when and how often you want

Your choice, with clear costs

Directly select your meals and see what it will cost, including ingredients. Conveniently pay and manage here all your bookings

Verified cooks

All cooks comply with the necessary German food hygiene regulations and need to pass a selection process to join the Joy and Meal platform

Insurance coverage

Every service includes a comprehensive insurance coverage by Nürnberger Versicherung. Plus, we are available 24/7 for you!

Our cities


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Joy and Meal operates only with cooks that have completed the necessary food hygiene certificates required to work as a private cook in Germany. We select all cooks carefully so that you can just relax and enjoy your meal! 

We place a high value on the wellbeing of customers and cooks. Therefore, the current Covid-19 rules in your city also apply to our services.

Per default, your cook will  bring all the ingredients needed, and they will be included in the price of your booking. If you want to provide the ingredients, you will be able to discuss this with your cook prior to your booking

That is not a problem! Tell the cook in advance and he will adapt the recipe to your needs!

You can order unlimited cooking services through Joy and Meal. Some chefs also offer to prepare meals for an entire week (batch cooking).

Every cooking service booked at the Joy and Meal platform includes insurance coverage, for both material and personal damages. 

You will find the necessary kitchen equipment on the respective page of your meal. In your customer profile we will ask you to provide information about your kitchen equipment, so that the cook knows in advance whether you have everything you need at home or he  needs to bring some utensils along.

Normally, the cleaning of used utensils and surfaces by the cook after the preparation of the meal is included. Your cook might do in-depth cleaning too for an increased fee. Please clarify this in advance with the cook.

Please make sure your kitchen is ready to cook. Otherwise, the cook might need to charge an extra fee for the cleaning time or even need to cancel the service.

Usually, one day in advance is the minimum notice period for your booking

That depends on the ordered meal. You can check the times on the menu. Please always calculate with a 10-20% variance in time, as cooking times are highly dependent on the equipment available and your kitchen characteristics

Safety first!

All cooking services booked with Joy and Meal are covered by Nürnberger Versicherung, for the unlikely event of personal or material damages!

We want you to love your meals at home

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